Fixed Blue Screen issue. Now it won’t print on the bed

I got the machine back up and running after it went to the blue screen. Ended up being an SD card issue. Got the machine back up on the new firmware. Ran all the calibrations and saved the settings. Send a print to it via USB and on the SD card. Both do the same thing. It heats up. Then runs a line down the left side about half a centimeter from the edge all the way to the back of the build plate. Then all the to the front left corner where it starts to print the prints in like a 1 sq cm area in the furthest front left corner. Doesn’t matter what I slice the file in. Or even what I print. It does the same thing.

I need help.

Hi @Immrtchaos Sorry to know about the inconvenience. The following methods are from the engineer, hope it can help you solve the issue.

  1. Format the memory card: (1) Press the Win key + R to open the command prompt. (2) Type “cmd” and press Enter. (3) Type “format/q H:/fs:fat32/a:4096” (Note: “H” is the drive letter of the memory card, make sure to confirm the correct drive letter for your memory card.)

  2. Confirm that the SD card has a memory capacity of 8GB or 16GB. If it exceeds this limit, it may not be readable. If so, please replace it with a new 8GB SD card (non-gift).

  3. Confirm that the SD card is not damaged and can be read on a computer. Make sure the sliced file format is Gcode. The file name should not exceed 14 characters and should not contain any special characters.

  4. Reset the printer to factory settings and refer to the bed leveling video to level the bed before attempting to print again.

If the problem persists after you try those steps, it would be helpful if you could provide a detailed video of the issue with the model you were trying to print.