Blank screen after first print

Hi there!

I just got a new SV06, first print went beautifully. turned off the machine- a few hours later I returned and powered the machine on to begin the second print and the screen is blank. Advice?

Thanks in advance!

Hello eufunium, welcome onboard.
I would suggest, that it could be a faulty firmware version. I was in the same situation same weeks ago. So you need a small SD-Card like 8gb for example. Fresh formatted. After this you can go to Sovol Page Firmware Download | Sovol3d and Download latest Firmware Version for SV06. Put only the .bin File on the main Folder of the SD Card. Nothing else. After this you can unplug the SD Card from PC und put it in to the Printer. Start the Printer wait a little and the Firmware update will be succesfull. After this there should be light on your screen.
After this unload your sd card and start printing.