Micro SD card issue/questions

Hi there,

Had an issue this morning with my SD card (the one that came with the printer) - copied some gcode files to it, put it in the printer, turned it on and the printer won’t recognise it any more. I put it back in the computer and it said it needed formatting. I formatted it (FAT32) and copied the files back. This time the printer sees it and is happily printing for the moment. Fingers crossed…

This raised a couple of questions for me as I looked for a new SD card amonst my assorted crap:

  1. what size does the printer support up to? Will it support SDHC? I have a new 32G card here that I found. Lol. Forgot I even had it. I also have a SDXC 64G card that has been used but I can repurpose. Probably don’t need one of that size.

  2. does the printer read the whole gcode file into memory before it prints, or does it just read from the file as it prints… you can see where I’m coming from here, if it constantly reads from the file during printing, it might have an issue with the card again during the print. But if it loads the whole file before printing, this print I’m running now should be ok to completion.



1 i suggest the 32gb, as there are some firmwares that do not read cars grater than 32gb, and they often NEED to be formatted on fat32 not xfat or ntfs
2 the gcode is read line by line, BUT reading usually puts less stress on the cards than writing

Hey Rossco,

Thanks, yeah I figured 32G would be ok and anything above would probably not be. I’ll give 32 a go.



Hi all,

I’m a bit late to the party, but my SD card is doing the same thing. I reformatted it once, but now it’s corrupted again. This time though, my computer can’t seem to complete the reformatting process. Any thoughts, or should I just get a good SD card.


Just buy a new SD Card. Myself, I wouldn’t go above 16GB. Actually, buy 2 Cards…1 16GB & 1 8GB.
It’s always good to have an 8GB around because sometimes updates are buggy on bigger Cards…JMO