SD card reader issue

My SD card reader no longer recognizes a card swap. The first month was fine, pop a different card in and it would read the card fine. Now, I have to power on/off to get the system to read a new card.
Anyone else have this happen?
Know of a fix?

3d printers can be picky about the SD cards you use? When you start your printer with your SD card present, the hardware is looking for the boot loader, hence it tends to be more likely to see your SD card. You may need to reformat the SD card (full format). There are plenty of Youtube about this. If you are using a Mac, I fully recommend that you use Raspberry Pi imager to format your SD cards. Caution: Not all SD cards work, disable any antivirus software before hand. Keep names simple.

Thanks. It’s three different cards that all worked before. Also, they work fine in another printer I use at work.
I’ve reformatted with the same computer and setup I’ve been using for a while.
I would have to say it’s a drive/printer problem.