Printer can't see the files on the memory card

The printer does not see or display the gcode files on the memory card. The card is readable on all of my other devices. I have reformatted the card and the problem persists.

This appears to be a failure of the card reader or the system board.

I need assistance with warranty repair or replacement.

What size is the SD Card…??
Also, have you tried a different card on the printer…??
Cards no bigger then 32GB & formatted in FAT32, sometimes FAT16.

um just fyi MY printers card reader will accept its card UPSIDE down…the gold contacts point up not down’‘’
card will still lock into its slot but NO READ!! I made same mistake!

With mine if the filename is too long the file won’t show up. Try shortening the filename and try again?

The card is the one supplied by sovol . It’s in the slot correctly. The card reads perfectly in other devices.

After many restarts/re-boots the card reader began functioning again.

Most likely you will have issues again, pick up a few spare cards…JMO

I had the same issue and it ended up being file names being too long. they wouldnt show up on the printer screen, but when i shortened them they showed up fine