Where can I get a replacement SD card from - rapidly

My when I press the ‘Select the File’ option on my SV06 touch screen, I encounter the error message ‘No SD Card’. I suspect the SD card is corrupted as it is not recognised on my laptop when inserted via the USB docking carrier.
Could anyone advise where I can obtain a replacement card from rapidly - I am located in the U.K.
Alternatively advise the spec of the cable required to drive the file selection directly from my laptop USB port to the port marked USB on the control box mounted on the SV06 plus?

I have used many cards, there is no restriction that I know of. I’d not get a hug card but anything available should work.

My micro SD Card failed two days after the printer was delivered. Windows could not even format it. The local shop had no 8GB cards so I bought a 32GB one and it is working perfectly. I don’t know enough about the motherboard or firmware to suggest a maximum size but I can verify that 32GB works and I suspect 64GB will also work.

I have obtained a SanDisk Ultra Plus @ 128 gb. One sliced g code file added from my laptop - problem still there - am still getting the ‘No SD Card’ message. Maybe some kind of reboot required? Any suggestions appreciated!

For the cable you just need a USB 2.0 type A to micro USB type B cable. I have one I got on Amazon that’s 15 feet long and it works well.

formatted to fat32 or ntfs?

Many thanks for the advice, I’ve ordered one of these. How do I select the file to print as the Sd card method uses the menu option on the display that reads the SD card. Maybe a setting should be altered to point to the USB route?
Thanks in advance.

To print using the USB cable you don’t need to use the printer’s control screen. You select Print VIA USB from within the software. It will print the model you have currently sliced. The other options are to save to removable drive (TF card), or save to file.

Many thanks for the advice. I’m not entirely sure however I am not aware of the existence if a conventional manual that would provide this level of detail over and above the simple ‘get you up and running’ handbook!

AFAIK there is no proper manual for this printer. Only the very basic get started one. There are still options on the LCD interface that I am not sure what they will do. Owners are just left to their own devices when it comes to learning their way around the printer.

Luckily there is some information from other users available here and on other forums, and more will continue to accumulate. But it would be nice to have thorough, detailed, and accurate information all compiled in one document.