Fan shroud on extruder scraping against prints

I am having an issue where the fan shroud is scraping the top of the object as it’s printing, loosening it from the plate pushing the print. Is the extruder nozzle too short? The fan/or the fan shroud doesn’t appear to be loose. No mods have been made, so I am uncertain on how to fix this issue.

Seeing your post made me remember what happened to me when I had to change the PTFE Tube inside my direct extruder on my SV04.
Have you done something similar?
Or did you change your nozzle recently?

I have not changed the nozzle. It’s still the one that came with the printer. The printer is still pretty new. I’ve tried to do a test print and noticing that the PLA is cooling before its laid down fully, so those strings are being snagged by the fan shroud and causing problems as it prints.


From your last post, it sounds like you need to fine-tune your slicer and your printer esteps.
You shouldn’t have strings like this that could cause a layer shift when you print.
It sounds like you have too much material being pushed through your nozzle.
So the first thing I would do is to calibrate your esteps on your printer. If you don’t know how to do that, there are some videos on YouTube that explain how to do that. But at a high level, you ask your printer to push 100mm of filament and then you measure what the extruder actually pushed, and then you compute your actual esteps based on the result.

Then, if the issue remains, I would try each of the following setups changes one by one:
_ Material Temperature: Do some tests by decreasing the temperature in your heater block.
_ Flowrate: Do some tests by reducing the flow rate.
_ Retraction length and speed: Do some tests by increasing the retraction length and speed.

I hope this helps.

Hi 3DBedlam.
Please confirm that the wind guide is a bit loaded down, you can refer to the picture, loosen the screws, the wind guide up a pressure and then lock the screws; there may also be supplies and slicing parameters, print drawing lead to wind guide scraping.
Thank you
Best regards
Sovol Team