Build plate replacement

I feel like no one else really mentions this, but the included build plate for the SV01 Pro is absolutely terrible. The official alternative is also very, very bad. They’re both a hassle to use and very easy to damage.

Sovol, are you planning on ever correcting this? You had to have known how bad it was at some point.

Does anyone know where I can get an actual good replacement?

This sounds familiar to me - the printing bed surface of my SV04 worked well just for a few days. Despite exact bed leveling & cleaning my prints warped or did not even stick to surface without any extra adhesion stuff.
I had been using a FR4 fiberglass plate on my SV01 printer for years without any adhesion issues at all. Therefore I got rid it of that pesky bed coating & put a matching 1mm FR4 plate to the metal plate instead. The bed coating was easy to remove with a hot-air gun. The remaining glue on the metal plate was sufficient in means of smoothness & adhesiveness to keep the FR4 plate in place without any other adhesive. It sticks even during bending the plate when removing prints from it.
You’ll find inexpensive FR4 plates in matching sizes on eBay, amazon etc.

Hi @ImTheLiquor Thank you for your feedback. The information has been well received and will be forwarded upward for optimization.