Replacement build plate for SV04

Hello all,
I have been really struggling, as it sounds like many others are as well, with adhesion of the first layer to start printing. I feel my bed leveling issues are corrected and I am “within tolerance” of 0.300 across the 16 points. I am actually less than 0.24 except for the back left corner that has the extra bracket for the heat feed to the bed.
I have read in this forum as well as on the facebook group for SV04 that many have replaced the OEM build plate with something else. I am looking for recommendations on which plate I should purchase to replace my original. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

There I wrote how I replaced it:

Those 310x320mm FR4 plates are cheap & widely available on eBay, Amazon etc.

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Thanks for sharing Bjoern. I will definitely consider the FR4 fiberglass plate as I have not heard of that yet. I have received suggestions to try borosilicate glass and PEI plates depending on what filament is being used.
Do you feel 0.300 is “good enough” to say that bed leveling is not an issue? It is really only that back left corner that has the extra bracket where the heat feeds into the heated bed. Everywhere else I am closer to 0.150 range. I heard that by adding the glass plate on top of the heated bed will help in zeroing out the warping.

I’m sorry, but you lost me at 0.300 / 0.150… In case that the difference between highest and deepest elevation of the printbed is meant: it is worse on my printer. The maximum difference is 0.417 mm. However, using the Marlin bed leveling features iot compensate this is fully sufficient for my prints, where I usually start with a 0.2mm first layer. I never felt the urge to use sandpaper for getting a smoother surface, so far. I enclosed a quick shot of my printer with FR4 plate & my current SV04 cold printbed leveling data.

I have a question about your picture.
Which WS are you using?

the abbreviation WS is unknow to me. Supposing that the firmware & display software version is meant - I published it here on GitHub.