Bimetall hotend kit for SV05?

Hello, my printer is showing all kinds of problems lately and I narrowed it down to a faulty ptfe tube in my heatbreak or my extruder stepper messing stuff up what I think is unlikely for now…. But here is my problem now: I can’t find a fitting Bimetall hotend kit.
The Bimetall heatbreak from sovol (via Amazon ) sadly did not fit correctly and filament spilled all over the heatingblock. Now I wanted to find a heatingblock + a Bimetall heatbreak “Kit” to avoid that problem but can’t figure out wich kit to buy… most of them seem smaller or to long for my extruder. The original heatbreak is 22mm long and has a diameter of 7.9mm :man_shrugging:t4: what should I buy and where? The sv06 heat kit won’t fit right ?