Is there a bimetal heatbreak for the SV04?

I’d love to get the PTFE away from the heat to have it last longer - has anyone find a manufactured bimetal heatbreak for the SV04? I found a DIY option to make one, but I’m not really willing to get THAT deep into it.

Hi schtoom

I wished to do the same things as you.
I tried to buy different ones from Amazon but it didn’t work.
In the end, I destroyed my extruder and purchased / installed a Revo Hemera.
So now I don’t have any issues but if you don’t want to go trough the same thing you have to be careful.

My advised is to email the sovol team about this to see if they can point you to the right direction.

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Thanks Ciol, I think that’s the best option at this point. Thanks a ton!

post results here… i am trying to do the same as both ptfes have clogged