Bimetal heatbreaks and broken wire on cooling fan

I have received my bimetal heat breaks and started to disassemble the left extruder on my SV04 to install one.
Got two surprises.

  1. The yellow wire to the part cooling fan has broken off inside the fan body.
  2. The whole feed assembly appears to be metal. There is no PTFE tube in the hot end, nor is there any opening large enough to insert a piece that came with the printer. I cannot see any way to assemble the bimetal break as the metal components of the extruder are tightly matched together.
  3. Should I order a replacement part cooling fan from Sovol (would it be under warranty)? The wires are part of a harness so would I cut and splice them? Are other fans a better option?
  4. Am I missing something regarding the assembly of the heat breaks? Do I have 3 units surplus to my needs?

Could you please take a picture showing the damage of the fan(the yellow wire) and send an email to The customer service will check if the fan is under warranty.
The bimetal heatbreak is all metal, no need to insert the ptfe tube.

Thank you for your response.
I have sent the picture as requested.
I understand that the ptfe tube is not required with the bimetal heatbreak. My problem is that I cannot see any place where the heatbreak could be assembled to the extruder. I have disassembled the extruder and all the parts appear to be metal and fit closely together with no place, that i can see, to put the heatbreak.
There is no ptfe tube, nor any place for it, in the extruder as far as I can see. I watched a video instructing how to replace the ptfe tube in a SV01 printer extruder and my extruder is very different than the one in the video.

I went back to the stll disassembled extruder and realized the part I hadn’t removed was the heater block and nozzle assembly. Now it made sense that this is where the heatbreak would be, not where the YouTube video that I relied on had it located.
It only took few minutes to replace the stock heatbreak with the bimetal heatbreak and reassemble the extruder. Another few minutes and I had the second one replaced.
The video was not relevant to my SV04 and relying on it was my big mistake. However, why are there no diagrams nor instructions on the routine maintenance procedures that users are expected to perform?
For anyone following this and looking for the process, here it is. (As it worked for me anyway)

Remove any filament from the extruder.
Cut and remove the two cable ties securing the wire bundle above the extruder.
Remove the silicon nozzle shield.
Remove the four screws securing the fan and heatsink assembly being careful to not damage the wires. Note the wire routing, the location of the two longer screws and the front-back orientation of the fan.
There is is a very small set (grub) screw in the extruder housing just above the heater block. Loosen this screw slightly but do not remove it.
Remove the heater block assembly downward from the extruder housing.
The heatbreak will be sticking out of the top of the heater block.
To avoid damaging the heatbreak, wrap some tape around it and unscrew it with pliers. You, may need to grip the heater block with a wrench or second set of pliers.
Tape wrap the replacement heatbreak and assemble it with the pliers. Do not over tighten.
Remove the tape and replace the heater assembly back into the extruder. Be careful to route the wires correctly.
Continue to reverse the steps to complete the job.

Cheers all. Have a great day!

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