Heatbreak replacement

Where can I buy heatbreaks for the SV06? Are there any suitable ones from third-party suppliers?

We have the all metal hotend kits on official website: SV06 All Metal Hotend | Sovol3d

He is looking for heatbreaks only which are very hard to swap because sovol glue them in. Any chance to disassemble the whole block ?

Grüße aus Germany :slight_smile:


Exactly, only the heatbreak. Why should I channge the whole hotend when I need a new heatbreak? You offer heatbreaks for your other 3d printers,too.

Furthermore the hot ends are sold out at the moment.


I sincerely hope that you’re wrong about this. How would they expect you to install a new hotend if the heatbreak was glued in? Likely, there is some thermal paste in place which might be making your heatbreak difficult to remove.

Glued in … but I was able to peel it off an get it out with enough heat from a heat gun.


Thank you for this! Are the thermistor and heater cartridge also glued in?

Extremely disappointing behaviour from Sovol3d.

Yes … but not as hard as the heatbreak

We have a plan for selling only the heatbreak. But now due to the expensive shipping fee, we sell the whole hotend. Sorry for causing you trouble.

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Make a package of two or three heatbreaks like this:

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Would those not work on the SV06?

Hey @SV06-User could you please provide more detail on how you heated it, temp, how you got the nozzle off, etc? I have a soldering rework station and I’d like to change the nozzle.

@sovol3d can you provide official info on how we can remove the nozzle? You provided an extra nozzle and a wrench that is the size of the nozzle so I assume you expected us to be able to do that. I would like to use a hardened steel nozzle.


Never mind!

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How is the heatbreak fixed?
Is there a screw somewhere?

It’s screwed into the heater block and glued into place.

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