Basic function of sovol sv02

I’m a newbie here and looking for a few tips and/or visualizations of the basic functions as far as speeds and settings. thanks

Hi @straydogn84 ,
Thank you for asking. Here are what most users recommended to do for 3D printing newbies. Hope it’ll help!

  1. Set it up according to the included instructions.’
  2. Tighten all the screws, including the ones in the back of the z-stepper motors, but don’t overtighten them.
  3. lubricate the bearings with grease but not oil.
  4. Check the tension on your belts.
  5. Upgrade the firmware to the most recent Sovol release
    Entrance: Firmware Download | Sovol3d
  6. Follow the leveling tutorial to set up the leveling parameters.
    Reference link: How to level the bed | Sovol SV06 - YouTube
  7. Use the instructions, and try to print a test print.

thanks. got it working

For assembling and bed adhesion. As I had leveled bed several times. I have used glue stick. Used different nozzle and bed temps.
Well, if the printer is properly set up, you use glue stick and print PLA, You are to close or to far from the nozzle.

For testing I suggest to print a large (really large) object with a brim. When printing you can see the how the lines are placed and what exactly happens. The most important check for proper bed adhesion is the flow rate at 100%. This is done by the e-steps of the extruder.

check your e-steps. Heat the hotend to your print temperature and use a ruler to mark 100mm from the top of your extruder on the filament using an marker pen. Now go to your prepare settings in the printer firmware, move axis, 10mm, Extruder 1 and now turn the wheel to 100mm. If everything is correct, the printer should pump filament until your mark is exactly on the extruder inlet. If the line is far off, you have a problem with your feed rate. If the line is long gone, before the motor stops you have over extrusion (usually not the problem for bed adhesion). If the marked line is massive above the extruder, you have under extrusion. The printer is pumping less material than needed for a proper print.

Read the guide here . If the marking is spot on, you just need to adjust the nozzle. Do to my experience when a print does not stick, you are usually too close to the bed, while you think you are still not close enough. If you are too close you peel of layers. Especially when during the second line around will rip of the first line, you are usually to close.

Best is to feel the line while printing. That is why a big print comes in handy. You can touch the print, while it is printing without getting hit and burned by the print head. If the line feels loose and round, you need to get closer.

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