What should I do to make the newly bought SV06 runs well, any suggestions?

Can anyone give me some advices on what maintenance and tuning should I apply on SV06? sorry I’m new to this.


follow on this, so many thanks to all of you guys!!

Take it in pieces, make sure all screws are tight, especially all the screws on the extruder.
Add lubrification to all bearings and then enjoy!!

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hey @Miya0307 Here’s what we recommend for newbies to start their Sovol 3D printing journey. Hope it’ll help!

  • Set it up according to the included instructions.
  • Tighten all the screws, including the ones in the back of the z-stepper motors, but don’t overtighten them.
  • Lubricate the bearings with grease but not oil.
  • Check the tension on your belts.
  • Upgrade the firmware to the most recent Sovol release. Entrance: Firmware Download | Sovol3d
  • Follow the leveling tutorial to set up the leveling parameters. Reference link: How to level the bed | Sovol SV06 - YouTube
  • Use the instructions, and try to print a test print.

did you mean to include links in your reply instead of just text?