Anyone using Octoprint and Octolapse with their SV02?

Just wanted to see if anyone is using Octoprint and Octolapse and how they configured their profiles? Or maybe someone from Sovol can show setting up and using such on their next youtube video/stream?

I get mixed results so far, some prints complete fine and some prints stop extruding and but continue to act like they printing. That is with Octolapse off, with it enabled all prints act like they are printing and go through the process but nothing is extruded so I am assuming I have a configuration error somewhere.

So if anyone can assist or direct me to a good place to look that would be greatly appreciated. The Sovol SV02 is still pretty new to me and well 3dprinting in general is still pretty new, been reading articles, how-tos, watching videos and so on like there is no tomorrow lol, so looking forward to learning more and getting to know the community and the Sovol team.

Thanks again.

Hmm, sorry I can’t help, only just started playing with Octolapse, but on my SV04, not on the 02 yet. I would have thought configuration would be a bit of a nightmare with filament / extruder changes, purge towers, etc?

So I was able to get everything working successfully with the exception of being able to view the web camera stream by ip address and having advance camera settings, enabled such under the octopi file but nothing changed, using Logitech 920x web camera but overall just glad that I got it working well enough. :slight_smile:

HI everyone, anyone knows which is the closest printer to the sovol sv-02 to select in octolapse?
Thank you :slight_smile: