Has anyone used the SV04 with OctoPrint?

Was wondering if you could go through your configuration/setup for using OctoPrint running through OctoPi with the SV04 and what Octolapse settings you used to handle the IDEX setup.


I’m getting mine running with OctoPrint. I’m not using Octolapse but happy to share any notes on other things. I’ve gone a bit further and I’m running OctoPrint in a container so I can manage multiple printers with my RaspberryPi.


I just got an SV04 and am to the point where I have it tuned enough to start tuning slicer profiles. I have three other (non IDEX) printers and I have been using Octoprint for years now, I consider it an essential piece of kit being that I send print jobs from another the other side of the house.

I see that when initializing a print job from the touch screen on the printer you have to make sure that you have it set to the right print mode first (Single, Dual, Mirror, etc…). When I go to initialize a print via Octoprint, how does that work regarding the print mode? Do I need to make sure I go put the printer into the apropriate print mode via the touch screen before hitting print on Ocotoprint? I searched on the plugin manager and did not find any plugins to handle this task, so I’m assuming as of right now it’s something that has to be done manually, is this correct?

Thanks in advance!

Is anyone having issues with octoprint where the print job has finished but the extruders do not turn off and stay hot. I burned up a hot end due to this thankfully not my house.

No if you are using cura with octoprint it automatically changes the mode you are in and dont have to change it from the screen.

@JDC123 - any idea how it changes the mode? I just used sovol slicer to slice the same model using copy mode and mirror mode and compared the g-code in notepad++, and I can’t see anything in the g-code that would tell the printer to do anything different.