Klipper on sv04

I’m curious about moving to klipper on my SV04 but I’ve not used it before so I do have a few questions.

My current workflow is slice an stl in the Sovol branded Cura or the latest Cura 5.4. Save the gcode to an NFS fileserver. Bring up the Octoprint interface running on a Raspberry Pi that is directly connected to the printer. Import the gcode. Preheat the extruder and bed, pull a fresh bed leveling mesh and then start the print. My printer is in an enclosure that’s custom built. Kinda like a large kitchen cabinet or lab fume hood.

I mostly print in PLA but I have done some items in ABS with fairly good results. Ran a handful of benchy’s and other small items in TPU. I did try a couple prints using PLA and PVA for supports in dual mode but the PVA never came out right and compromised the rest of the print. I would like to try that again at some point.

Are there major differences to that if I migrate to klipper? Would I lose any functionality by going to klipper?

What are the pros and cons of Klipper?

Whilst Im also thinking of Klipper and wait to see what other folk say, why dont you cut out a few steps and print direcly from Cura to Octoprint?

I have a similar setup to yours using another brand’s printer. I also have an SV07 running Klipper. I run a camera on both setups. I do not need a Rpi on my SV07. I have a logitech camera plugged directly into it and had to run some commands after remotely accessing the machine (ssh).
With PLA the speeds are 3-4x faster than my other machine. I’ve printed TPU, ABS, PLA, and print with PETG a lot on this machine. I’m planning on using wood and maybe carbon fiber soon. I’m still getting things dialed in but it was much easier to do than on my Kobra.
My printer uses Fluidd as the web interface and that works well. It is different than Octoprint but I’ve read you can use both. I export over my network from Cura directly to both. Cura has its own quirks with both but they both work.

I have a SV06 (first printer I ever own) and quickly moved to klipper with Mainsail running on a Pi and I do not regret it.

I have a similar workflow, but as other have pointed out, you can then directly send to the printer from your slicer (I use Cura slicer too). I am running the slicer in a VM so I can access it from my laptop or desktop while keeping the same settings.

I really like Mainsail interface, which gives a lot of options and a nice way to monitor/manage your prints.
You ll get a visual way to level the bed , the option to save each bed leveling and load them to the printer in one click.

I do not see any cons for Klipper, only pros.

I think I may have made some assumptions in my answer above. I don’t know what plugins you use. I feel that Klipper (I’m using fluidd) has a powerful interface. I would look at any plugins you may be using and determine if they have counterparts. Additionally, I have noticed there are not as many apps for remote viewing (if that’s your thing) for Klipper as there is for Octoprint. With that being said, I’m using Octoeverywhere with Klipper.

I recently purchased the Flsun speeder which runs Klipper. At the moment I’m only running it on my 2 Flsun printers the Super Racer and the Q5. I found the it does increase the speed of prints and through the software you do seem to have more control over printing. I am thinking of using the 3rd connection for my SV04, but I’m not sure if it is supported by this device although it does support a lot of Creality printers so it shouldn’t really be an issue. In conclusion over the next few months I want to install Klipper on all of my printers (2x CR6, 2X Fokoos Odin, Anycubic Kobra neo, Flashforge creator pro 2 and Geeetech A20M) either directly onto the board or using a Klipper pad. I hope all manufacturers will be using Klipper by default for new printers coming on the market, I would say go for it, you can always reinstall the original firmware if you are not happy with it. I think you will find it cleaner more intuitive to use. I would also recommend the Flsun Speeder pad or even the creality Sonic pad, which will be my next purchase when I save a few more pennies in my piggy bank. Whatever you decide to do the best of luck with it. Any of the pads will make life so much easier, they’re basically plug and play, obviously it will need some input from the user but it will still be less hassle and less prone to mishaps.

Google bully85 github, he has working klipper files for the sv04. I’m modifying other things so didnt for to really use all the modes yet, but supposedly everything is supported