Will I ever learn

Well still haven’t had time to set up the SV04 so as all good 3d printer people do they go out and buy another printer, purchased the SV01 to fill a gap ,so will have two to setup now and not just the one. Will I ever learn :crazy_face:

I guess the more the merrier. I also have two printers, the Ender 3 Pro, and now the Sovol SV04. The alignment step does take more time then the leveling, especially when it is a new process to learn. Mabey it should be pointed out that the sv04 leveling process is the same as a single head printer, and once done, can be used as a single hothead printer until one feels comfortable or has time to perform the 2nd hothead setup/alignment procedures. Further, I think that dual and mirror print modes would be usable once the 2nd head Z offset is set, the simplest of the 2nd head setup steps. So folks can ease into using the 2nd hothead printing.

I’m one to think that more printer I have the better I feel :slight_smile:
It allows me to start working on one printer (to improve something or at least I think it will :slight_smile: ) and when something goes wrong and I need to modify a part, I can just use another printer to do it!

Well I think I can sell this to the wife , that is very good logic . (I think so anyway) :disguised_face:
New SV01 turned up today ,so have got the weekend covered for this week.

BTW, In my last post in this tread, I said that the 2nd extruder z adjustment was easy… Ate my words today. Had a heck of time getting it set. Every time I tighten the set screws, the head raises some about. Took me many tries, probably 6-8 to get it right.