Why am i getting these lines in my lithophane?

Why am i seeing these lines in my lithophane? I was printing the box and this was printing on the front side of the box. The other sides look better than this front side

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Hi Eddie,

From this picture it looks like an issue with your extrusion to me because the lines looks uneven and some time blobby.

That’s usually a sign of over extrusion or it could also be an issue with the filament.

The safe steps is to first recalibrate your esteps /mm to ensure that your extruder push for the proper amount of filaments.
Once this is done, you would also want to calibrate your flow rate (also called feed rate) on your slicer so that you can make sure your extrusion is right.

This two parameter can change over time for different reasons, so it’s always a safe bet to do these steps and see if it fixes the issue.

I hope it helps!

Just keep us posted

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Alright thank you for the suggestions. I will see if i can work on that this upcoming week when i have more time.