Second layer problem

Hi i have this problem i my last prints in my sv02. The first layer is perfect but the second and next ones have theese fails and i don’t know whats happens, i need some help, thanks.
The big line have been after stop the printing.

Nice photo, looking at them ridges on the print it definitely looks like over-extruding, to fix this this-

Adjust the fist layer height up a little bit before doing any flow-rate adjustments because i dare say your flow rate is just fine, your Nozzle is just too close to the bed for the first layer,

Basically there’s nowhere for the filament go, so it gets squeezed out the sides and creates ridges.
you can see were the Nozzle has dragged itself across the top of the ridges on a travel move which makes that Scraping noise (thud thud thud) and has knocked the tops off the ridges-.

No biggy and an easy fix, once again nice picture i might steal it-.

all the best

you can also adjust the -Firstlayer Flowrate-,some slicer have this set to 150% so you decrease this a down to 125% or 110%, to get a really nice fist layer without using the Z-Offset-