Help with first layer

Hi I have a v06 plus setup that I got a few months ago and have been doing some prints and noticed that on some of the prints the first layer is not joined together, the print is stuck to the bed but after the print has finished I notice that some or in some cases all the first layer hasn’t joined together and was wondering what causes this issue?

One or Two things:
1: Your Z-Offset is too high
2: Your nozzle is bad, replace.

Most likely #1…read this post & the one right above mine to understand the numbers.

I thought my z offset was fine as I placed a piece of paper underneath until it pulled on the nozzle or does it need to go down till the paper can’t move ? Thanks for the repy

Just until you can pull it.

If I can participate in your conversation, it could also be due to the slicer settings.
If you insert breaks between 2 layers for instance.

Yes please do.

I haven’t changed any setting apart from supports with the cura software everything else I believe to be default settings