What is this, and how do I make it go away (SV04/PrusaSlicer question)

Screenshot 2023-06-04 062009
New to SV04 and new to PrusaSlicer. Can anyone tell me what the “shield” is around the model, and how to turn it off? it is not a skirt (skirt set to 1 layer), not a wipe tower (unchecked), not a draft shield (disabled). How do I make it go away?

This is a draft shield. It is used to protect sensitive prints against unwanted cooling+warping. It can be changed in the print settings → shirt and brim → draft shield. Setting to 0 disables it.

The PrusaSclicer knowledge base is very helpful. That setting is explained here:

unfortunately, I have draft shield disabled
Screenshot 2023-06-04 152327
in print settings in PS. Confused.

In that case you did enable ooze prevention. It can be changed in the print settings → multiple extruders → ooze prevention → enable [uncheck].

That’s it! Thank you @Bjoern !