Trying to level sovol 1 getting errors

Trying to level the bed on my sovol 1. I select auto home, the extruder goes to the center of the bed. The bltouch deploys twice and get the below error codes on the LCD. The extruder sounds like a jack hammer moving slightly up and down in a jerky fashion.

Homing failed, printer halted. Please reset.

Any help greatly appreciated

It may be that bl-touch is installed, but the corresponding firmware has not been flashed.

Firmware: - Google Drive

Tutorial about flashing the firmware: How to Install Touch Screen on Sovol SV01& Sovol SV03 and Flash Firmware - YouTube (starting from 2 minutes 50 seconds).

  1. If the same situation persists after flashing the firmware, please refer to the manual to check whether the position of the connecting cable is correct.

Is the bltouch ordered from sovol official website? If there was still the problem, a video showing it may be helpful for analysis