SV01 Pro: Homing does not Work

My Sovol SV01 Pro (Frimware: 1.2.0, Merlin Version: used to work fine.

As the nozzle became completely clogged, I had to disassemble the extruder and then reassemble it.

I wanted bed leveling again, so I initialized the EEPROM. That was a really big mistake.

Normally the printer goes to the starting point after switching on. That doesn’t happen anymore now. The extruder remains in the last position before switching off.

I copied the firmware to a flash card and tried to install the firmware again. But it doesn’t happen at all. I can’t reinstall the firmware.

Please Help.

Check the forums out here and on Redit on Firmware-
But this solution comes a lot with people having problems flashing the Firmware-.

Use a small 8GB SD card
Format the card with FAT32 and make sure you set the sector size to 4096 bytes (or ‘4K’)

This is critical, many cards come formatted with 512b sector size.
Copy only one firmware (bin file) and rename it with a short simple name that was Not Used before for flashing.

Thank you. I’ll try it.