TPU and the runout sensor?

So I did the setup and printed the included benchy and lighthouse files with the PLA the printer comes with…so far I’m loving this printer!

Immediately switch to TPU filament since I actually have something I need to print in this and the runout sensor cannot see my filament. I had to put a small piece of PLA in the thing so that it would let me print. I guess if anyone else gets a chance to try theirs out, let me know if your runout sensor works with flexible filament!

I did a few TPU prints today, no issues. I have nija flex green. Is yours transparent ? I did have to make a lot of adjustments in my TFU profile to make it work though but no issues starting to print.

The stranger thing is, this sense stop the print at any time if it sense a runout. You need to kick start it with pla and then it printed fine with tpu?

I’m using Overture Black TPU. I gave up for the moment and went back to PLA stuff.

I printed both really soft/flexible TPE and fully transparent PETG both thru the runout sensor. No issues. It might be more related to connection on your device?

I doubt it since I’ve had zero problems with any other filament. It sounds like it may just be related to my specific brand of TPU.

I had the same issue with TPU and some PLA’s. The runout sensor is a mechanical microswitch. It can be slightly out of adjustment. There is not setting adjustment so I openned the assembly and slightly bent the switch arm with needle nose pliers so there was more pressure on the filament. That fixed my unit.

My filament runout sensor does sense properly with TPU but I would recommend against using it and just bypass (and unplug it) when printing with TPU as long as you’re sure you have plenty of filament.

TPU is so soft and bendy that it can cause the filament runout sensor to pull across at an acute angle, this can snag the filament enough to cause inconsistent extrusion as the extruder is trying to pull the filament through a small hole that is offset at a sharp angle.

Not a great mechanical design the filament runout sensor.