Need help : Filament sensor error

Hi there, I recently bought a SV04. I have a problem, first everything worked fine, but when I try to print with my left extruder/printhead I get the message: Click Yes to heat andchange filament or No to stop print
The right extruder/printhead works fine, so I think there is a problem with my left filament run out sensor. I hear the relais clicking when I put filament in the runout sensor, so the relais switch is probably working.
Can you help me with this problem?

Regards, Mario Reget

Could you tell us if the runout detector has the blue led on when you insert filament ?

I disassembled the runout detector, and assembled it again, and now it works??
Maybe an electronic hick-up?
But it works, thanks for your quick reply

Hello, bit of a late reply

But if it plays up again you can just unplug the run-out sensor and the Printer will work fine without it until you can fix it or get a Replacement switch-.

All the Best-.

Thanks for your reply…