Filament run out sensor does not work

So I ran out of filament thinking the printer would stop the print and I could just reload more. It did not stop the print and is now probably 8 layers above the point where it actually ran out of filament.

First thing - how can I restart my print? Can I use the slicer to tell the printer where to restart it?

Second thing - why isn’t the sensor working? Is there a way to fix it or troubleshoot the problem?

No, your print is lost and can not be re-started-

but if you do want test/trouble shot your sensor – simple cut 10cm length of filament and sick it in your Run-out sensor, then run you filament from the spool directly into your extruder and start a print, them after a couple of layers pull the firmament out of sensor to see if it stops, this way you keep testing the runout sensor without actually having to run out of filament-

(i have no idea how trouble shooting a runout sensor cos i threw it away,)

All the Best

I have the SV04 and assume the SV06 has similar filament run out sensor configuration.

I tested the SV04 early on and found that if the filament ran out (or broke, in my case), the machine would stop. The problem with my SV04 configuration is that the sensor is wired so the presence of filament opens the circuit. I like to build these type of sensors (limit switches, too) as normally open and the presence of filament, in this case, closes the circuit.

That way, if the filament runs out, the circuit will become open and the machine stops. I prefer this better because a broken wire in that circuit will also stop the machine. This might not sound sound very intuitive because the reason would need to be investigated, but then we wouldn’t have a false sense of security.

TL/DR? Is the wiring for the sensor not connected…?

Did you plug it in? The wire is not connected out of the box and is taped up out of the way…