Printer shows always "paused print"

Hello all,

I’ve problem with my Sovol SV07. At the moment I can’t do anything with it.
If I try to do something (home all, print something, extruder), the printer shows always “paused print”.
System restore, new leveling doesn’t help.
I already tried even to replace the filament. Nothing help. It shows always that “paused print”.
In the log file I didn’t see any error msg.

Can somebody help me with this issue?

Best regards,

If you use the filament runout detector, put a small piece of filament inside and bypass it

This thing really does something? I mean, I recently had to remove the top mounted spool holder (no room in a temporary printer enclosure ) and totally forgot that switch that hung on it’s cable somewhere. At least no filament was passed thru. Printing went fine.

What leads to the question: Is there something in the config interface to trigger a reaction on the runout switch?

Of course, if the detector detects a filament runout (true or false), it pauses the printer and asks you to reload the filament.

yes, I use the filament runout detector and I just see that the led turned off. the LED turn on again, after I put a stick under the detector.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Is it the “bug” from any 3D from Sovol, who use runout detector? If yes, then Sovol need to fix this “bug” right?

No, it’s very simple to fix.
Open the runout detector and play with the switch until it works properly.
Also check the detector connection.

yes, I did it already. I bended the plate little bit more

You can also send a message to Sovol to request a replacement part during the warranty period.

yes, I’ll try it.

btw do you know if it possible to get SV07 Plus Gantry?

What for ?

so that i can get more size to print :smiley:

Are you sure it will be enough to just change the gantry?

No, you also need to change the power supply and the bed