Touchscreen bugs, missing essential features and future nice to have features

Touchscreen features are very barebones and have encountered a number of bugs while using. If any others have encountered please add and I will update the list.


  • If running mesh bed levelling at the start of a print - the screen gets stuck on the bed levelling screen and you cannot interact or view progress.

Fundamental UI features missing:

  • Folders on SD card do not work - cannot use a folder structure to organise files
  • File names do not scroll - longer file names are lost and becomes very difficult to navigate between similar files. e.g. if I have 2 calibration files, 1 for PLA and 1 for ABS - the filament is likely dropped from the end of the file so there is no way to identify the correct file.
  • No mesh viewer - really consider this essential to make best use of levelling hardware to diagnose bed/gantry issues

Nice to have feautures missing:

  • Print preview