Touch screen 'custom' flash upgrade trouble

Hi everybody,
After few print with the the official Sovol firmware. I decided to migrate to one of the custom firmware design for Sovol 04. I think Sovol don’t use efficiantly the capacity of is machine and Marlin OS. They are staing at a basic and rustic functionality, to my opinion.
From that point, there’s no problem to flash printer motherboard. That cool.
But about touch screen… there is real trouble for me. I never suceed to flash a one shot full and correct update. I try a 1 000 times but at the end it never ‘perfect’ and frequently freezing on way on.
Some time flash freez at bin or hzk files but mainly at icl files. I realy don’t understand what is going wrong !
I try to do update group by group extension and even one by one file but I still have bugs.
I have tried to flash bjoern70 and johcarlson21, even to try to come back to the official Sovol 1.1.0 version.
Nothing goes well. This is not a funy time.
If it can help, my screen information : T5L1 DGUS2 V5.5 2022.11.02
I don’t know what to do more at this time.
Any advise or help to solve this problem will be hudgely sympatic.
Many thanks in advance from all.

Hi zebul73,
assuming that you tried flashing your display via the MicroSD port of your dismantled display unit you may want to ensure that your MicroSD card:

  • is formatted FAT32 (max. 4 GByte / 512 Byte sector size)
  • contains the extracted “DWIN_SET” folder in the root directory
  • has all 14 files in the “DWIN_SET” folder:

If that does not work on your DWIN display, I suggest trying it the same way using an other MicroSD card.

Good luck

Hi Bjoern,

Thanks for your feed back.
Everything discrib in your message have been done with no correct flash succes (new sdcard less than 16Go and well format and reformat windows11, Dwin_set repertory well define and so on).
Printer work via promterface, but touch screen control have bugs on some screen, depending wich part of files flash ‘crash or freez’…
Many thanks to share you experience.

Hi again,
I suggest to format your MicroSD in the same way that Sovol recommends for SD cards supposed to flash the mainboard. My MicroSD card works both for updating display & mainboard (using an SD card adapter).

Hi Bjoern,
I buy a new brand 8go mini sd card and I format simply as expect by Sovol.
Whit this new one the flash has been done well.
Funny currious, but a real shame.
Thanks for your help.