The thermistor no longer reads temperature, just "err"

This occurred after clearing a jam in the extruder.

May I know which printer? And Could you just check everything is connected? Also, Do you have a multimeter, if so could you test the resistance of the thermistor to check if it is broken?

SV05, and which pins do I check? I assume I’ll have to check the resistance at the main board.

Seems like an open circuit at ambient. I’ll do further checks later this evening. What is the recommended replacement, if necessary?

After I rechecked, 129k, at 22C

And just rechecked again as I reading the bed thermistor. I have an open circuit and will need a replacement.

May I have a pic of that? Then we can check what replacement you need.

I’ll have to partially disassemble the printhead, but sure. Has the parts list for building these printers changed since I purchased the printer in October?

I can see where the wire is broken. It looks like a bead type.

Yeah, I think you need to replace the thermistor. Where did you buy the sv05? if under warranty, you may get a replacement. Please contact Sovol3d on FB or email if you buy direct from the Sovol website. If you buy at Amazon, please email
Please give the order id and the detail of the issue when contacting :wink: