SV07 - nozzle scratches on print

I’m having some problems with my 3D printer and need some help.

The problem is that the nozzle constantly scratches the print and the first layer is sometimes very rough and unclean.
However, this does not affect the entire print area, but rather the corners and especially the bottom left.

The printer was completely reassembled using a square and a spirit level on a flat surface and everything should now fit correctly.
I have calibrated several times. Belt tension and roller tension is also correct.

The bed-mesh is applied but does not match the paper test. There are sometimes massive differences.

After several layers, the nozzle simply tears the print off the print bed.

The printer has the latest firmware and I use the Sovol Cura version from the USB stick.

I would be very grateful for help, I don’t know what to do next.

The Paper is only a guide so you don’t ram your nozzle into the bed,
Its sounds like you first layer is too close to the bed so lift it up a little bit, always use a Glue-stick just gently tap it up and down to put a fine coating on the bed this really help with the print sticking to the bed-.

Reduce you Filament “Flow rate” to 90% or 95% to see if that help… 95% is normal a pretty good spot, that normal works for the “scratching” since its normal an Over-Extruding problem-

“Z-Hop” is option to look at to-

Not sure what version of Cura they sending out on SV07 but i would look at some other Slicers too, Cura 5.5.0 /Orca/ PrusaSlicer,

*note- sometime the nozzle is just going grind across certain prints/models, i just had a print do it, despite printing perfectly for weeks.

All the Best