SV06 - XT60 Power Connector Installed Backwards During Production

I was looking to create a splitter so that I could power my Raspberry Pi via a buck converter. (So that I’m not modifying the printer itself.) That’s when it hit me, Sovol installed the connectors (At least on my unit) in the wrong direction. This is the male connector on the power supply, where it should be female.

This isn’t a matter of opinion either. It’s for safety - so that you’re less likely to short out a power supply when connectors aren’t coupled. Look at any LiPo battery pack that uses XT60 connectors.

So… Is this just on my unit? Should Sovol be fixing this? If I fix it, does that void my warranty? Questions, questions…

Better measure. Sometimes red is plus and sometimes the black wire.

And put a polyswitch fuse and a Diode in the plus line. In the event of a short circuit, the power pack pumps 400 watts through the lines.

hi @Juhzuri The connector was originally designed to be like this. If the wire connector affects your usage of the printer, you could contact for assistance. And pls be assured that your action of

would not void the warranty, if you have any aftersale issues, welcome to contact

While I don’t agree with the design decision regarding the connector, thanks for confirming that at least my unit is in-line with others’ units. I decided to not introduce a splitter for that primary power rail. I’m using one of the two free screw terminals and eyelet wire connectors.

Getting nice prints out of my SV06 now that I’m gotten use to it. Good work Sovol!

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