Sv06 plus klipper screen that loops

Good morning,
Worked relatively well for 15 days, but today the Clipper screen is going around in circles. I reloaded the SV06+ firmware with the original screen (still works fine) and installed the new Clipper SV06 Plus firmware that came on a USB stick (Firmware.bin 23.6 KB) and still works great.
Note: everything works well under the Web interface (mainsail or Fluidd).
What is going on ??

Here is Sovol’s hilarious response :

  1. The USB cable is loose and falls off.
    Please check the stability of the USB cable interface connection, confirm that the USB cable connection is stable, tighten the USB cable, and then restart the printer.
  2. The USB port has poor contact. There are two USB interfaces at the bottom of the printer screen and one USB interface on the right. Please try changing the USB connection port to other interfaces, then shut down and restart the printer and try again. as shown in the picture.
  3. The screen cable has poor contact.
    Please unplug and plug the screen cable again, as shown in the picture.

It makes you laugh a little!
So I go back to the old firmware which works very well and I permanently ban Klipper. Besides, there are no advantages to using this bastard system that everyone complains about.