SV06 hotend temp stuck at 9° on LCD

Hello friends!! Please I need you help🙏

Yesterday when trying to preheat the hotend I noticed that the screen read 9 degrees (the room temperature should be 22 degrees at the moment). Those 9 degrees were still on the screen but I could see that the hotend was heating up since the plastic was melting.
I turned off the printer, disconnected the hotend thermistor cable from the board and turned it back on but the 9° continue to appear on the screen despite the cable being unplugged ¿?¿?¿?
Could someone help me and tell me what could be the problem?
I don’t understand why it keeps showing temperature on the screen despite the cable being unplugged.

Swap the hotend & the bed plugs to see if the problem follows.
If so, contact Sovol:

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Hello Lion, and thank you! I already did it and the funny thing is that the 9 degrees continue to appear on the hotend, not on the bed even if I change the connectors…totally lost

You swapped them on the breakout board right…not the main board…??

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Main board…

This thread might help.

Thanks again Lion, initially when I exchanged the thermistor connections the error occurred if it went from the bed to the hotend.
Now I get an “err” in the bed and the hotend stays at 9° (even with the thermistor cable unplugged from the board). Both the bed and the hotend get them to heat up because of what current reaches them but they do not indicate the temperature (the bed stays in error and the hotend stays at 9° and when it starts to melt the filament it does not exceed 30°). I don’t know if changing both thermistors will have any luck. Do you think it could be a problem with the motherboard?
Sorry for my bad english!

You haven’t said how long you’ve had this printer.
Just in case it’s new & you’ve never used it…check the voltage is set to your country.

It sound like the thermistor.
You should contact Sovol at the email I posted above. It usually takes them about 2 weeks to answer.

If you don’t want to wait, these will work:

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Lees than 2 months of use.
I will contact with them
Thank a lot friend!