SV06 Beeping randomly

New SV06 - was fine for a couple test prints, but now randomly beeps…for about one second every 5 to 20 minutes. It happens when printing, and also idle with no heat on and just powered up. Very annoying as it’s much louder than my other printers. No error or information on the screen when this happens, and prints continue as if nothing is wrong.?? Definitely not the ‘preheated’ beep…much longer duration and louder. And as I said - can happen any time weather printing or not. Please help! I also turned on debug in marlin and no errors come through pronterface when watching, and it beeps. M111 247

Lesson learned I guess. No more Sovols for me. Non existent support. No warranty. Emails unanswered and forum not responded to.

I’m not part of Sovol, but I have been working with my SV06 for a while now. Here are a few thoughts -

Have you checked your firmware and made sure that you have the latest?

Also, have you checked your cable connections for the Z Stepper motors? Made sure that the gantry bolts are solid?

If everything’s working as expected otherwise, you can silence the printer via the menu.

Thanks - I am at the latest firmware available on the site. Everything is tight and it prints great.
Sound is set to off in the configuration menu…yet that beep still happens. It can occur every minute, five minutes, or half hour. There seems to be no pattern. The display never changes and it continues to print as normal. It also happens when idle and just powered up. Even with steppers disabled. A bit of research on my part and it seems Ender3’s had this problem in the past and the fix was either to unplug the display and plug it back in, or to replace the motherboard/mainboard. It tried the unplugging the display and reseating the cable , and have ordered a replacement on Amazon since SOVOL wont respond to my emails. We will see if it’s the display itself. If not, then likely the motherboard. There are also no errors or feedback in a terminall/pronterface window when in debug mode M111 247 - this suggest to me the display is bad. Thanks again.

I’ve sent three emails over the course of a week and NO RESPONCE at all from SOVOL. Buyer Beware

@solvol3delgrr - Can you respond to Izzy’s issue here?

Thanks, but Resolved by replacing the screen/LCD - I cant wait weeks for a response. My emails also go unanswered. I wont buy another Sovol.

Sorry for the late response and that this causes you trouble.
I see you have solved the issue, but just wanna check if you email If not, could you please email this in the future if you need help? Also, If we don’t reply in time, could you please contact Sovol3d on FB if it is possible?
Anyway, Sorry again for the issue. I will check with my colleague and do our best to avoid the situation in the future.

I sent multiple emails to I received one response a week later and was told that one of your colleagues had already assisted me which they had not. I have had no assistance with anyone at Sovol.