Killed: Printer Halted

Hi folks! I hope all is well with you! So, I assembled my SV03 printer, plugged it in. Then I turned it on. Right away there was a loud beep, and the screen says Killed: Printer Halted-Please Reset.
Does anyone know how to reset/fix this issue?

Okay so we change the settings from Sovol SV01 to Sovol SV03. Is it something in the G code maybe?

HI Kurtis,

Sorry your 2 posted confused me.

Is it happening when you power on the printer or is it when you try to print a gcode file?

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As soon as I power it up. In fact, it occurred before I tried to upload the Cura program! Lol! I managed to upload cura and change Sovol SV01 to Sovol SV03, and enter the settings. That is as far as I got.

I understand these things happen with these machines. It is a part of the learning curve. However, unlike most things it is not ALWAYS a Google search away. LMAO! I have a Creality Ender 3 Pro to assemble… but I am counting on this build volume. I have to make it work. Sovol should publish a technical book about this stuff.