Says printing but doesn't

I tell it to print from Sovol3D Cura and it says it’s printing but never starts. The printer gets up to the correct temperatures but says E1 Heating forever. If I reboot everything it will start working but not always. Some times I have to restart everything multiple times before it gets going.

I have never tried printing directly from my computer with Cura. But I can try to help.
I’m guessing you are connecting your computer and the printer with a USB cable.
When you do, can you check what your computer shows in “Device Manager”
I’m thinking that it’s possible that your computer doesn’t recognize the printer and you need to update the drivers.
For example, here is what my computer shows with all the drivers being properly loaded from my SV04.

Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. But the computer is talking to the printer. When I say print it sends the codes to the printer and the printer does an auto home and heats the bed and nozzle to the correct temperatures. It is even in print mode. And it does print usually after I turn the printer off and back on. If it wasn’t communicating with the printer it would never do all that. If I remember correctly it did that some even before I started printing from the computer.

Check for errors with the bl touch.

Is cura displaying the console responses? If not, use pronterface to try to start a print from the SD Card and see what is happening.

Same here on an sv03 but on SD card. Forced to restart the print several times to launch it. Did you find a solution?