SV06 All Metal Planetary Direct Drive Extruder

Shut down my pc, forgot i was prinitng via pc. A Sv-06 it came to a halt and jammed up.
Removed extruder drive, clearded it but now it will not feed filament or remove but the drive turns and sputters, will not purge filament manual or via control box. It’s my first 3d printer and all has been going well just forgot i was printing via usb. Any suggestions?
Thiniking I may need a new extruder, not sure???

Hi @JW62 - Be sure that you set the tension on the feed lever properly when you reassembled the extruder.

Check this thread:

Thx to all who responded.
Spent a little time on it, feed lever was one issue and replaced the nozzle, back in the saddle.


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