SV05 Stepper hums or vibrates after stopping with X axis move

Need some help. Humming noise drives wife nuts and can’t print at night even though printer is another room. While moving it is noise free but whenever movement stops on X axis I get a split second hum.
How do I solve this? Can I change something in my slicer? Do I have a bad stepper motor or bad chip?

Hi @KeithinPhx hope the advice below can solve the problem you’re having.

It could be that the belt is too loose or too tight, which can cause issues with homing. To fix this, try adjusting the belt tension until it moves smoothly and then give homing another shot.

If that doesn’t work or if the homing process is still slow, you can try increasing the sensitivity value of the X or Y axis by 1-5. Just go to Configuration → Advanced Settings → TMC Drivers → Sensorless Homing → Store Settings and then give homing another try after each adjustment.

Hopefully, this helps solve the problem!