SV 06 Stepper Motors Skipping

I received my new Sovol SV06 about a week ago. I have been testing with the 3d Benchy, and all of them have come out very similar to this one. I noticed when I moved the x axis from 0 to 220mm it would stop for a fraction of a second near the middle of it’s travel. Sometimes the stopping point moved. I removed the stepper motor and did the same moved it from 0 to 220 and it did the same thing. Sometimes moving from 220 to 0 it skipped. I swapped one of the z axis motors and it did the same thing. I checked the other z axis motor and it did the same thing. Has anyone else noticed a problem like this? This is my second 3d printer, the first being a Prusa Mini+.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much

Hi Ronello,

There is a user group on FB that seems pretty active. Maybe someone there can help you out. Redirecting...

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Thank you very much for the info. Have a pleasant day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe caused by incorrect tension of the belt, drought bearing/lead, or loosened screw of coupling.

  1. Check whether the belt of the X-axis is too loose or too tight. You can adjust the black adjustment wheel on the right side of the X-axis to adjust the tightness, and adjust it so that it can move normally without jamming.

  2. Manually move the X-axis to see if it can move normally and if there is any stuck phenomenon; you can try to put a little lubricating oil on the optical axis and the bearing

  3. Check whether the coupling of the screw rod that fixes the motor shaft and the screw of the T-nut are loose. Check the parts of the moving part of the X-axis to see if there is any damage. You can restore the factory settings

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What do you mean you removed the stepper motor?

A German reviewer on Youtube had a similar issue. Check the grub screw that attaches the pulley to the X stepper motor shaft, it’s probably loose.

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What I mean by removing the stepper motor is, I removed the pulley from the stepper motor, then removed the stepper motor from the frame and ran the X axis from 0 to 200 mm to see if the stepper motor was actually skipping. I noticed yesterday that the y axis stepper motor is doing the same thing. I am going to check the voltage going to the stepper motors, because the x axis motor is so hot I cannot hold my hand on it.
Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

removed the stepper motor from the frame and ran the X axis from 0 to 200 mm to see if the stepper motor was actually skipping

So you moved x from 0 → 200 manually and found that it was not a smooth motion? Sorry, just looking for clarity, so people can help you.

No problem. Thank you for helping me to clarify that. I used the control on the display to move the stepper motor.

When you move the printhead manually, by hand, from X = 0 to X = 220, is the motion perfectly smooth? Do this repeatedly, 20 times at the least.

No. There is a point in the travel where it stops and starts again.

Does the stop always occur at the same spot?

If you can find the source of the stop, you’d be making progress on solving this problem.

Running the x axis back and forth across its 200mm travel, it is inconsistent where it stops. I have resigned my self to believe that you get what you pay for. Obviously this is a lemon. I have ordered a Bambu Lab X-1 Carbon and the SV 06 has a reserved space at the landfill. I really do appreciate you taking the time to help in troubleshooting the SV-06. Please know that your kindness shines a light in this sometimes dark world. :slightly_smiling_face:

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