SV04 M600 Filament change

M600 command as others have reported for other makes appears to be overlooked by printer. in forums found:

(There were more but limted to two links)

Unclear if Advanced_Pause_Feature is set in configuration_adv.h and as noted w/ last article would need to understand more about DWIN display… all i was looking for was for an updated firmware.

Running [SV04 V1.1.0 Latest Firmware (24th Jan 2022)] which is a year old… Hoping solvol may have an update and or guidance on filament swap (rather not have time filament cut for filament out sensor to swap out. IDEX does help alleviate the need, but still find the need when printing w/ more than 2 color / filament types. Love the printer, but feel it may be time to revisit the Firmware on the SOLVOL 4. Anyone suggestions on m600 gcode commands?

The ADVANCED_PAUSE_FEATURE is not activated in SV04 v1.1.0 Marlin firmware. Filament chages are handled in the display handler LCD_RTC.cpp. Building a new FW version seems to be necessary iot process the M600 command.

Thanks. Figured this would be the answer. Unfortunately will keep bypassing one of the filament sensors and “time” it for now. Will await new fw…. Guess not high demand function.