Filament runout sensor support in Octoprint

Is there a possibility to make the filament runout sensor work in Octoprint?
It seems that the non standardard implementation of the DWIN touchscreen breaks a lot of Marlin functionalities!

Other than that, a great printer!


I’m hoping for this too.

Then the sensor does not have to be connected to the printer mainboard,
but to the Octoprint mainboard. Or use second sensor.

You have to ask the “how to” in the Octoprint forum.

Octoprint only pushes G-code and more G-code to the printer.

I am aware of how to solve it with octoprint and a seperate signal hooked up to the raspberry pi.
The issue here is, that Sovol heavily changed Marlin to use the DWIN display in the way they do resulting in a configuration that actually has no display defined in the configuration.h. This means from a Marlin perspective there is no way of a user interaction to respond to a request like an M600 command. During build, this is checked and so the build process throws errors.
I will probably exchange board and display to a btt type and configure my own firmware based on a vanilla Marlin 2.1.x-bugfix as this solves not only the mentioned problem but also adds controlled fans for hotend and board which makes the printer silent when not printing. Not to mention Neo pixel support and the constant ability to keep up to speed with new firmware features without depending on a manufacturer.
I am 90 percent ready there waiting for the board to arrive for final testing. Want to go with the SKR E3 V3.0 which I don’t have as I was using SKR 1.3 and 1.4 boards before for my ender 3 and my CNC.
If there is interest, I can provide the configurations when ready and tested.