Filament sensor

What would be the best place to mount a filament break sensor on the SV05? I am trying to go with the filament spool on the top back 10 X10 extrusion.


Same question - I’d like to add a runout sensor to my SV05 as well. I’m using the stock printer location for filament feed on the back-right side of the printer.

Since the board in this printer is from the Ender 3 (the Ender3 v1 display) would any runout sensor compatible w/the Ender 3 be OK?

I’m aware that FW will need to be updated for the sensor to work.

@Danabw @erebel The suitable place to mount a runout sensor on SV05 would be around 10–20 cm up the filament spool. A sample is shown below.

Thanks…I’ve ordered this one as it integrates w/Octoprint which I’m using w/my SV05 so we’ll see how it goes.

Using Octoprint w/your printer is SO nice…I can upload prints from my family room and monitor progress, stop them if necessary, etc. Hopefully you can convinced your engineering team to enabling Host Action Commands in the FW by default so customers can use Octoprint w/out having to change/compile the FW on their own. IIRC the SV06 FW has Host Action Commands enabled by default.

Please let us know how this is working, I am curious