New Bjoern firmware,

Hi @Bjoern,

I installed your more recent firmware from a couple of days ago. After install. I believe I did, in the version screen I can see the same 1.14.0 version and not 1.14.1. Must I see this number or it’s the same version number?

I believe that I installed because trying to upgrade the printer halted during start and only after reformat and change the name of the file, the printer came back to the live. I understand that it upload the new firmware but version it shows is the same.

From 1.14.0 when the printer finish a work or I stop a printing, ever it restarts. With this version I have the same issue. So really I don’t know if I upgraded or not. Are there any way to check?

Thank you for your work. Regards

Hi Max_Powerr,
I’m currently setting up a new SV04 firmware version. Version v1.14.1 contained just a hotfix that omits uneccessary homing when navigating to the levelling screen. It should show its version number in the “Printer info” screen correctly. The display screen number should remain unchanged. If not it is likely that the update did not work.
Anyhow, many thanks for letting me know that there are issues in version 1.14.0. I’ll try to find a solution for that % will drop a note here when I have published a new release.

Best regards

I also have an issue with the latest firmware that it sometimes beeps when I go to preheat. I just restart and then it works.
Also it always restarts after a job. In a way I like it that way because it means everything reset. It just seems like that should be a feature that can be turned on and off.
These are not such a big deal to me but I thought you might appreciate the feedback.

Thanks a lot to let me know emet - I do appreciate that.

Best regards

Thank you.
I don’t know where it’s the problem. You can think that I’m stupid by this question but are you sure that the version in the website is really the 1.4.1?

I installed a previous version and I checked that I was in this previous version.
Again I downloaded 1.14.1 and I installed it and… the system shows me 1.14.0

It hasn’t any logic.

I’m totally sure that the latest currently available firmware version in my GitHub repository is v1.14.0, because I removed v1.14.1 directly after your posting:
My initial intention was to provide a hotfix for the issue user mmcc100 showed in his video during homing & entering the levelling menu. Having a closer look in my firmware sources I found a line of code that contained a minor error in that very part of the user interface handler. However, after uploading v1.14.1 with this line of code fixed I realized that mmcc100’s SV04 was not using my firmware v1.14.0, but Sovol’s SV04 firmware version 1.1.4. So there was no need for publishing that hotfix at all.
As written before, I’m currently in the process of setting up a new firmware version v1.15.0. There will be a bunch of additional changes. Therefore I removed the hotfix. I’ll publish a complete firmware release including uploading the sources as soon as implementation & tests have been finished.


Thank you!!
I’ll wait for new version with impatient.

The only issue that I have with 1.14.0 as I commented is the restart of the printer when it finish a work or when I stopped at work. With only start a printing, if I stop it meanwhile is heating or printing, it restarts.
It’s not important and I don’t know if it’s a normal process to clean buffers or memories or it’s a bug.