SV04 Failing Flash Firmware V1.1.0 Need Advise


I received my Sovol SV04 in August 2021 and it’s using firmware V1.0.2.

I followed the instruction from the document provided “How to flash the Motherboard firmware on SV04.docx”, but the firmware.bin from V1.1.0 never gets renamed to firmware.CUR. So this process fails.

I have tried to do these steps with different card (SD and Micro SD cards at 8Gb and 16Gb) but every time it failed.

I even tried to used an older version of the firmware V1.0.9 but it still failed.

I’m running out of ideas…

Does anyone know what I should do next?

Thank you

Hello Ciol

  1. please rename the bin file, for example to aaa.bin, and then try refreshing it again.
  2. If you still can’t solve the problem, please contact our customer service email:
    Thank you
    Sovol Team

Thank you Sovol Team!
I followed your advised and it worked somehow!

Hi Ciol
You are welcome.