SV O1 - TPU prints bad quality and soft


My TPU prints became suddenly soft and bad quality.
I already try to change temperature, dry the TPU, buy new one still same result
Can someone tell me what to do plz ? Thanks for your time


Could you please share which printer you are using so that we can sort things out from a reasonable starting point?

Your inquiry has been sent to the technician, any follow-up and solution would be forwarded here, thanks for your patience.

It is relatively difficult to print TPU. It is recommended to set the temperature of the nozzle and the hotbed to 220 and 60 degrees Celsius when printing TPU, and the printing speed is 30mm/s

Refer to the video to clean up the nozzle part to ensure that the filament can be fed in and out normally and then try to print

Can it be replaced? The model is printed. Sometimes it may be a problem with the model, and it will always fail to print.