Stop at layer post processing

I am having some issues with being able to stop at layer. The slicer puts a command (M0) to stop the printer. The printer stops fine but goes into an infinite wait if I try to restart printing.

The command (M0) stops printing, and it is in the stopped state when reprinting, so the command needs to be deleted

It is not necessary to add this command for normal printing, you can restore the factory settings

another case is when you start again after a pause, the machine nozzle and hot bed need to be heated to the previously set issue before it can run again, In that case, reset the hot bed temp to around 60 and the nozzle temperature to around 195, wait for the heating to complete, and observe whether it runs normally.

let me know if we can fix this :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, This seems to fix the issue.

good to know it helps :slightly_smiling_face: