Sovol SV06 PLUS Gaps Problem


I m new to printing world already tons of setups and in my latest print i have some small holes and some fading parts as seen in photos, anyone who can help me identify the problem? also i shared my cura settings. Thanks!

Under WALLS: make sure you check PRINT THIN WALLS.

it is activated, what i seen is that the gaps problems is where the z seam line is, i put it on hide and stuff now is only in a corner but the fade gaps are still there.

Coasting and Outer Wall Wipe Distance is what you normal use to control your Seam, and i cant see them doing this much damage

Coasting Volume = 0.064
Outer Wall Wipe Distance= 0.4mm
(Is default)

If you are only printing 1 Perimeter and have a high retraction amount, that would cause this.
(0.5mm and 30mm/sec… is good (default) but might want to try 0.3mm

You could try disabling “Retract Before Outer Wall” and “Retraction on Layer Change” to see if that makes a difference.,

just try some quick test on a XYZ_Cube.

I have seen this problem couple of times on Reddit, never stuck around to see if they found the problem tho, if you do find the cause, post how you fixed it please-.

all the best-.